Stepping over the Edge

IMG_0742At some point we all live a life with strife
be it by father, son, mother, daughter, husband or wife.

There comes the day we all have to make a conscious decision,
is this the life we live,is this the dreams that die. .
Do we seek out our future with Precision

I’m looking everywhere, I seek an answer every step I take, yet no matter how hard I try I seem wrong, with every single turn I make

I don’t understand why things are always so difficult,
why in the hell am I so insignificant
I have to be challenged nearly daily until I  just accept that I’m under assault

I know it’s wrong but sometimes I can’t help but look
at those who are simply handed everything without trying
And I think why? Why couldn’t I have a chance at my dream
Why do I have to accept Its dying

I ask Where  is my deep relevance
As I obsess over what went wrong with my one shot
Everything that ever that was said
What’s a lie, whats over,what true what’s not
as I tremble as the edge of this final precipice


My Mom, Red

To mom I sit and stare at a empty page,it waits to be molded. It waits for its story to tell. 

 And I search for the words to say 

So many words seem inadequate, others seem overly dramatic

But, I’ll never forget how you tenderly molded me from blank clay 
 As far back as I have thought, I thought you were beautiful

As far back as I had emotion, I loved you

As long as I have feelings, I felt love
In a battle you didn’t understand you fought to keep a goodness that the wise would have continually sought.
 We stand before you, blessed by your smile 

Amazed by your strength, chastised by your disappointments and inspired by your pride. Mama, through it all we know you’re on on our side
Now I have children of my own

Now I know what we have put you through

I know the struggles and heartbreak 

The fears

I know you’ve laughed a thousand times and cried a million tears
I hope that knowing you are adored makes it better

I hope knowing you are spoke of with awe makes you smile

Knowing when I speak your name it’s always with respect

And as you’ve carried me in the past 

I’d carry you the last mile. 
We love you

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Once Upon a Dream I wished on a Star, while a Dandilion Wept

I love dandelions so much, as a child I would rush from one to the other,blowing,  making wishes, and believing. My grandmother would get so mad, she said I was just “spreading weeds.” I remember my little soul being hurt, and saying “no no I’m spreading wishes” (actually, I never talked back, those words may have only been said in my head ) to me somehow, dandelions will always be a symbol of the innocence, that lived in the middle of such corruption. 


Christine Ray (Brave And Reckless) – Moon Ate The Dark Writing Prompt Challenge

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There are five more days to submit to Brave and Reckless’ Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge! Writing Prompt: “Moon ate the Dark” Using the writing prompt above, write a 100 to 750 word original piece that integrates the writing prompt. The prompt can used as the title, you can use the phrase intact or break it […]

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Love Like a Needle

There’s no name for this addiction 

I never had a needle in my arm

But still I loved you 

Tho you caused so much harm

I craved you I would have withdraws 

As I would lay and smell your skin

The demons would choke us

The devils you had within

The truth would hide

No matter how much I cried

With your lips you lied

 What is there to trust? Not your touch

What to believe? Not your words

How did you become what I need 

What I crave

Such ugly sweet pain

But I call on you again and again

Why do I have a disease named I love you?

Of only one thing I’m sure. 

There is no cure


The Rage I was Gifted

I’m told it’s not the hand your dealt But how you play it

But How do I look at this world with the same eyes as you

When we  grew with very different view
You were told by a man you looked at as a hero 

That you were the best parts of this world 

So it had to be true 

because with love and guidance he never lied to the precious beginnings of you 
I was raised by lips that raged at my unworth

That taught me that I was ugly,stupid and weak with ease

The same ease his hands touched me where he shouldn’t 

Tears fell from eyes you don’t understand

Down a child’s cheeks

Where the path of my tears runs down my face 

Like a crater
Where later he would strike like the snake he was was 

Filling me with his poison as he left his dark bruise 

The marks fade from skin

 but tattoo who you are within

They were not to punish 

But to confuse 

Dark shadows on my head, heart and soul

Like a fever taking my focus from what I seek

What I control 
Even my eyes are afraid to see 

My voice afraid to speak

Down the twisted path I am led 

By the words crashing into me Forming me

Guided By rough harsh hands as I try to turn away

By every dark thing you ever did or said

You took everything that was pure

not a memory untouched 

Every piece I reach for is tainted 

Your poison has no cure

Tho I searched for many a year
I seek to go back in time a rewrite the pages that define me
To turn from the things I can’t unsee and seek to change who I am

To Who I was meant to be

To be worthy of the air I breathe

Just to to deserve my humanity 

As I stand in the shredded remnants of what formed me

When the first one to touch you teaches you fear

How can I trust anyone who stands too near
So step back 

Move ahead slow

But just know

When you show me who you are

I’ll know 

No faith needed I’ve seen the monsters

even if I don’t want to believe

I know they use soft words to maim, control and deceive