Silent Roars

What happened to the words coming out of my mouth did they stop or did they just become a endless scream

Made in total silence that no one pays heed to
I’ll look and see my reality has no color only black and gray smothering me where I stand 

The oppression of your lies makes the air thick, heavy, hard to breathe, tasting foul yet sweet

 My inner demons feeding on fear grow fat 

While my soul withers to a wisp of a wish that was made by a child 
I try to stand

In reality it’s a quiet room,but it feels like thunder in a hurricane. 

So I fall, I fail, and I cry a silent plea

But you wouldn’t hear it even if it was a roar

Your wouldn’t hear if it was a whisper in your ear. 
I laid me at your feet 

I reached for you

Everything I seek

My veins turn brittle as you inject the poison of your words into them. Using your tongue as a needle

Your eyes shut off my air like a plastic bag

In totality of loss 

I began to die

You see me standing but I am nothing but a shell

Damning you to my manifested hell


She sleeps in her bed of Mercy

img_1118As you throw her leg over your shoulder and you slide up behind her, it doesn’t seem possible she could really take you from that position. And As you go to push it in,it almost hurts, The resistance is maddening, how dare she tried to keep you out. You push harder, and the strain against her throbbing silkiness by your strength makes you want to slap her. So you do. hard on her ass.her gasp, her spasm, it makes it easier to push your rod of control in. Even as hard as you are, you wouldn’t be able to do it, if she wasn’t so wet. If she didnt drip peach flavored juices just for you. And in that moment that you sink into her ecstasy….you wonder, who really is in control. Because as you tremble,as you’re breathing become shallow, as your toes curl,and your body builds, you realize it can’t be you. You understand what you thought was control was really your own consumption. Though she lives at your mercy, she sleeps in the bed of mercy she has on you. Step soft, speak soft, check your delusions, the truth very well may not set you free.



Love Flavored Poison

Your words, your lies, float in the air like smoke they make it hard to breathe, what I inhale is my poison, my blood runs thick

I will embrace the freedom a coffin will bring

I know is they lower me into the cold welcoming ground your lovers will sing in victory 

Not a victory they will have won

for they, as you are unworthy

My heart has been the most treacherous and deceitful of all 

It was your willing weapon

convincing me your talk and lies were true 

As they would run through me like a sweet intoxicating wine

Your love flavored poison was drank as if by one dying of thirst

While Even your alibis drown under the weight of your lies 

And now I say goodbye from the back of a hurst 


The Portion of Me

A portion of me remains hidden in the brightest 

Not to be truly seen or ever fully understood

 I am as a shadow fleeting just out of sight
I wait for you to seek me 

try to find me out 

to hear my quite sad whispers 

over my screams and shouts
Look at me and see I am the soft sweet center 

not the bitter shell I hide behind

I am a soft place behind high steel bars 

I am a secret garden, not easy to find 
The soil of this garden is fertilized in tears and 


My weakness is as blood poured out

I give myself freely to make you strong

Did you pretend like I don’t exist

That would be ever so deceptive and so very wrong
Did you seek to find me for what I was

not who I was

Why is there forever only value in what I give

Will you form the moat around me that protects 

me from the wicked who deceptively creep

Or am I alone 

Where I’m left to silently weep
So here I am the distracting little dancer 

watching you

standing alone in a crowd 

waiting for the answer


Trace of Mercy 

As I lay her at your mercy

I beg that you have none

Twist me, mold me, consume all that I am

Taste the salt, As the glow on my skin

Leaves me thirsty
You are not a master

But, you have mastery of me

I say submissive in my demands

Demanding as I submit

In you I find everything

Everything else I forget
You claim me with the look in your eyes

From across the room I feel consumed

With you I am not owned

But I belong, I am you

I know you hear that in my soft sighs
Lay me down and trace me

With fingers, tongue, and hands

Cut a whole in your soul

Make sure I fit

Place me there, merge us together

Keep me safe

I’ll stay forever


Morals Fate

I seek to be what is bright when you’re standing in your darkest night

I seek to be what is right in this world

when others sprinkle hate like salt on your dinner plate

I want to be what is fresh and sweet on your tongue

I want to show you a better way before it’s too late
I am used in the name of God to put you in your place

I am used in the name of God to keep you fearful

I am used so you never ask a question

You never doubt a word

you do what you’re told

you listen while never being heard
I am used to spread hate

is that the only way for you to find your way

In my name you decide what is right what is wrong

and you are allowed to stand in judgment

you use me to have the final say

giving everything, that is truly beautiful, away
You give a definition to my meaning,

that has no meaning

You break me across the backs of your victims

The ones you made using what I am

You use the sheep who seek to follow what is right

And you turn them into what is the darkest

You turn them into the night
By me you deem this one worthy

this one unworthy

this one unworthy to live

You take from the souls

of those who have no more to give
By me you should stand stronger more powerful not easily lead astray

But you let someone tell you what I am

so you never see the true way
You are afraid to seek the light

it might make you a rebel

You might have to step outside of their definition

I am their greatest weapon I show you your greatest fear
But I was never their weapon to use

I was to stand before you as a light

to be your very muse

I was to be what you used as your guide to touch all of those around you
I have been reduced to judgments cry

I hear the words you say in my name and my very essence sighs

You don’t seem to see what’s important

what’s real

you only act on what they tell you

you only seek to buy what they sell you

When the gift that I bring through you is free

It is also freedom
You choose to fight against those who smoke A leaf

You scream at you sister she shall not marry another man’s daughter

But without a second glance you leave our children to evils slaughter

Not in my name you don’t

I refuse to accept it I won’t
You live a life that is treasonous of the very meaning of me

But since you only speak what they speak

Feel what you’re told to feel

since you only hear what they say

Hear what they want you to hear

you can’t see

You are a grave disappointment to the essence of me